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How it works

How Graphic Scout24 works

From the buyer's and seller's point of view, Graphic Scout24 is the right place to trade in used industrial machinery. Let us introduce Graphic Scout24 to you.

Bringing buyers and sellers together

Buying and selling machines is very easy with Graphic Scout24. However, Graphic Scout24 is more than just a sales platform. We have a team of specialists who, by working individually with enquiries and offers, ensure that buyers get exactly what they want and sellers only receive enquiries that can lead to a serious business transaction. This has the advantage that both buyers and sellers are relieved of a great deal of effort, as the offers are filtered by Graphic Scout24. This means that you only have to complete the sale.

Offer your machine

The first step is for sellers to offer the machine you want to sell. From here on we take over. We translate your listing into 4 different languages so buyers can search for and find your listing anywhere in the world. The translation is not free of charge! Request a quotation

Graphic Scout24 sales agents manage your offer

From here on, a dedicated Graphic Scout24 sales agent will manage the machine you are offering. We ensure that the machine is advertised through our website, thereby getting the machine to registered buyers. This optimises the sales process and ensures that the highest possible attention is achieved.

Buyers look around the Graphic Scout24 website

Thanks to our strong web presence, we attract more than 15,000 Intressents each month who browse our large selection of offers. Buyers have access to our listings of all sellers from around the world.

Graphic Scout24 sales agents handle buyer enquiries

The dedicated Graphic Scout24 agent handles enquiries from all buyers. He answers questions, provides technical information about the machine and helps with multilingual communication. At the same time, the agent identifies who the most serious and qualified buyers are, which saves the sellers some time as the enquiries are filtered.

Graphic Scout24 sales agents contact buyers and sellers

After filtering the highest qualified buyers, the sales agent puts both in contact with each other. From this point, the seller and buyer can communicate directly and make an appointment to view the machine.

Closing the sale!

After the machine inspection, the buyer and the seller can directly close the sale. It's that simple. Try it out today.