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Graphic Scout24

We support our customers in selling or buying via our internet marketplace. We work in 4 different languages and our team of employees supports you throughout the entire buying or selling process.

Our concept: The combination of transparency and efficiency on an international level.

Graphic Scout24 is a B2B marketplace dedicated to its customers and partners. We place great emphasis on our international clients, with the aim of answering their specific questions and helping them to complete a purchase or sale across continents. 

We handle all enquiries with full transparency, technical competence and accountability, as we see this as key to a successfully completed deal. We can ensure this through our multilingual staff who are passionate about international trade. Ask now for a staff member in your language or with knowledge of your market.

This is why we stand out - why international companies, professional end-users and small businesses alike choose us. We are ready to talk to you and communicate with our clients on a daily basis. We are real people, not just a website.

Our mission is to provide holistic project management for buying and selling used machinery.

Our mission: 
to support buyers and sellers of used machinery.
All companies, factories or professional distributors who want to sell their factory equipment should register and offer their machines here on the Graphic Scout24.

 1. Graphic Scout24 staff optimise all offers and promote them both online and offline.
 2. they select the enquiries and only deal with serious buyers
 3. Graphic Scout24 establishes contact between buyer and seller and organises a meeting on site
 4. once the deal is closed, we send the seller an invoice for the brokerage fees.

Visit our landing page to find out more details about how Graphic Scout24 works.